June 12, 2012

Peter's Fish Market | Gold Coast


grilled salmon
grilled salmon
i'll let the pictures speak for themselves; probably one of the best fish and chip places i've been too - i mean i know you're probably thinking, 'what's so good about it? it's just fish and chips' - i mean i concur, that's true, but the great thing about this place is that you actually choose all the fish yourself, and you pay for what you choose - you don't have to look at a menu and figure out what kind of fish they're using! You actually know that the fish you're choosing is fresh! ... So you basically choose the fish, take it to the counter and ask for how you want them cooked, grilled, battered or crumbed, in this instant we had our fish grilled ^ the price is also very good as well, considering that it's fresh and all!

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June 11, 2012

Campos Coffee | James Street

Eggs Benedict with ham

Baked Eggs
Campos, probably more so known for their coffee - which itself is a favourite of mine, but they do breakfast as well. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, i went through a phase (actually still in this phase) where i would organise to have breakfast dates with whoever is keen enough to wake up for an early meal :) 

I ordered the Eggs Benedict and Le Fatty ordered the Baked Eggs. The eggs were done perfectly on mine and the accompanying ham was delicious. Deli-style, shaved and lightly salted - complimenting both the toasted turkish bread and eggs. I have to say that i was a bit disappointed with the hollandaise sauce, it tasted a bit bland for my liking and the turkish bread was probably a bit too toasted as you could probably see in the photo, but keeping in mine while my bread was a bit on the burnt side, le fatty's was toasted perfectly. I also tried a bit of his dish and it doesn't look like much on first impressions but there is probably around 4-5 eggs baked there! There was a side of panfried haloumi chunks as well which was perfectly done and delicious!

Although i have actually been here a few times, i always order the same thing, Eggs Benedict.. yes.. i haven't been very adventurous this time, the other items on the menu look interesting/delicious so i will have to try it next time i'm there - i like that they change the menu around a bit seasonally so it's not the same thing every time!

Would i go back? Most likely! Campos - definitely a lovely place to have breakfast, great atmosphere & great coffee. (Tip: Go early. It can get quite busy and you may need to wait a little bit to be seated.) Makes a perfect place to enjoy breakfast, be it a weekday or weekend. It's tucked behind James street down this little alley way. They are also dog-friendly by the looks of it! Cute isn't it?

i thought this was quite cute :)
since then, i have revisited and you can see more photos of the new menu i tried here

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