December 23, 2012

Le Bon Choix | Paddington

Bamboleo - Mixed Fusion of Mango Mousse, passion fruit and banana jelly
As i've blogged about this place before in the city store, i'm a fan of the cakes from here - not so much the pastry; only because i haven't tried much of it other than the Almond Croissant (which really does live up to recommendations from people!) I shared this beautiful tasty cake with C over at the new Le Bon Choix store in Paddington! The location of this store is in a really nice high ceiling building just off a corner, the interior is bright and victorian like and really reminds me of Laurent Patisserie in Melbourne!

This cake has moved up and i believe is on par with my favourite green passionfruit cake (L'esperance) from here. Although it says banana jelly - you honestly cannot taste much of it, much of the cakes flavour is the delicious mango flavour!! i think the highlight of this cake is the crunchy macadamia base this cake is sitting on! honestly, an awesome combination! sweet and nutty! Again although this is a sweet cake, it isn't sickingly sweet at all, rather it is refreshing! I sincerely hope that this cake isn' a seasonal sort of cake because i would appreciate this cake all year around!

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December 22, 2012

Sassafras Fine Foods | Paddington

Pesto Greens, Scrambled Eggs & Haloumi with roasted vine tomatoes on toasted turkish bread
plenty of pesto greens 
artsy table numbers given when you order..
a peak of the display of food...
Eggs Benedict with Salmon

Ventured out to Paddington today with C; we actually went there to check out all the antique-y stores - had such a blast looking at everything! The Vinnies there is pretty awesome and the great second hand stores - i didn't find anything to buy but it was just really fun finding cameras, records, clothes and odd bits and pieces! 

So in Paddington i guess this was the second place we past and just decided to eat here - i admit, this has been on my 'To Conquer' list - but just never got a chance to come out this way, and, i never knew where it was in Paddington - so by pure luck today we just past it and decided this is the place for brunch!

The interior of this place reminds me a lot of the Gunshop Cafe - however less organised and more of a 'disarray' style with wooden tables, wooden mismatched chairs and the 'impression' that it is a small cafe - when in fact in spills out into the back where more seats are found. When you first enter you are pretty much greeted with the display cabinet of various salads, sandwiches, muffins, quiches and various food items - again, like The Burrow, Sanitarium Kitchen and Comfort at my Table - you order take your number and then the food comes out. If anything the first thing it reminded me of was like a health food deli of some sort! I ordered the Pesto Greens, scrambled eggs and haloumi and C ordered the Eggs Benedict - we also ordered a fresh juice each; in which we both agreed were pretty fantastic - cold and refreshing - especially on a day as humid as today!

Loved the Pesto Greens and scrambled eggs - it was absolutely delicious - the eggs were soft and buttery and the pesto greens were still crunchy but soft at the same time - the greens consisted of beans, thinly sliced cucumbers and wilted spinach riddled with a generous amount of pesto. As ordinary as it sounds these greens and eggs complimented so well with the haloumi and sides of roasted vine tomatoes it was served with! I even have no complaints about the toasted and buttered turkish bread it was served on (as i usually do!). The servings are substantial so its not a breakfast you walk away still feeling hungry! The Eggs Benedict though quite deceivingly appearing 'small' on the plate - the amount of sauce and salmon it came with was very surprising - i couldn't help but notice the salmon just never seemed to end when C was digging into it! 

This place is definitely a popular place in Paddington for breakfast/brunch/lunch - literally as wel sat down a que formed at the 'counter' to order!

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December 18, 2012

Aquila | Brisbane CBD

Fussili pasta with sundried tomatos, olives, peas, fetta cheese, grated parmesan cheese and red onions.
**didn't bring my camera again T_T i really should invest in a smaller camera... but gah size vs quality of dslr? it just cannot compare for me!

Had lunch with S at Aquila yesterday on Monday - i arrived early and i guess this place is the go to for white collared workers in the City! i felt slightly awkward as i was trying to dignify myself in my skinnies and tshirt (whilst sweltering in the heat) as i walked through to sit myself surround by people all suited up. Felt like i should have yelled out I STUDIED PHARMACY OKAY?! I GRADUATED WITH A DEGREE AT THE AGE OF 21!!!!@!#! just to justify why i was so casually dressed and at a cafe surrounded by well groomed peoples - haha; i kid. I think on any other day i might have cared but at the point when i arrived i just wanted to sit down and have an icy cold drink - i cannot tolerate heat: i don't like summer! 

Apparently coffee here is better than Campos coffee - i'm not a coffee fanatic but there was nothing about this coffee i didn't like - i had my latte over ice and it was pretty fantastic (because it was friggin hot and this icy cold caffeinated beverage was godsend to me). We both ordered the same dish ^ A really simple pasta dish which i felt was perfect for lunch, filling but not too heavy on the stomach. The pasta shape is nothing i've seen before even though it is 'Fussili' which is pretty common shape.. so i can only assume that it is homemade(?). Although the pasta is lacking in sauce, the saltiness of the olives and cheese makes up for flavour; along with the flavour from the sundried tomatos! It's the simple ingredients mixed into this pasta dish which makes it so tasty - the ingredients aren't overwhelmed by sauce so you can actually taste, the cheese, tomato, peas and olives separately!  I know after seeing the pizza and salads being served to other customers that i will definitely be back to have lunch here!

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December 17, 2012

Scuzi | Chermside

big breakfast - bacon, scrambled eggs, tomato, mushrooms, sausage, hashbrown and toasted bread
chorizo, cheese, tomato omellete with toasted bread
Eating here was very impromptu! (hence why photos are actually from my phone #sadface) Initially Blue Moon Hotel was on the go for breakfast, but unfortunately they didn't do an all day breakfast, hence while we were at Chermside Shopping Centre, we were recommended that this place does (it was around 2pm when we decided to eat :P - most places would have closed the kitchen by now!)

To be honest i probably wouldn't have batted an eye at this place, a) it's in a shopping centre and i don't frequent Chermside that much and b) I would have lumped this place in with all the other 'Fast Food' joints at Chermside - So after our food came out, i was surprised at the substantial size of the servings; my omellete took up half my plate - and what i might have thought to be a 'plain' looking omellete i was really surprised when i had my first bite; it was filled with cheese as well as chorizo and tomato! They were pretty generous with the chorizos as well which is a plus for me! I have to admit, the cheese did get a bit overwhelming so i didn't end up finishing the whole of the omellete; after you hit the half way point.. you sort of start eating on the edges to avoid the cheese... needless to say, the bread also remained untouched. The same goes for the big breakfast S ordered - substantially generous in serving; and again her order is the usual 'traditional' bacon and eggs - definitely can't go wrong there!

^Would recommend this for the 'big eaters' out there; you won't be disappointed (but in having said that i don't know the portion sizes of their other food items!)

I think our impromptu choice was definitely a success! I can't find fault with the food or service here - it's just that i wouldn't have thought to have breakfast in a shopping centre of all places! a very pleasant surprise and what makes the place more attractive is the fact that it is decent food, decent price, and the fact that it is an 'all day breakfast menu' ! I'm surprised i haven't caught wind of this place earlier!

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December 10, 2012

Sanitarium Kitchen | Brisbane CBD

Lentil & Five Bean Chilli
Homemade Gnocchi 
Love the packaging of this water! - as it is also a takeaway place, there is plenty of bottled drinks, fresh fruit, greek yoghurt with muesli/fruit to takeaway as well as a large variety of salads/sandwiches on display!

Lunch with The Fatty today. Tried something different and bought along my canon ae-1 (film camera) instead of my digital slr today :)

Absolutely enjoyed having lunch here! Healthy lunches, yet not compromising for taste! I had the Lentil & Five Bean Chilli with guacamole and baked tortilla, this is pretty much like a vegetarian version of a 'savoury mince' - i really really enjoyed the crispy tortilla that it was served with, the last couple of times  was a bit disappointed by soggy tortillas that came with the mince dishes - so i was pretty happy when this came out warm and crispy! The dish is very substantial and has a really nice chunky texture (if that makes sense!) It's also served with guacamole, in a sense it felt like i was eating a really healthy (and delicious) version of nachos with guacamole and tomato etc.  

I have to say this time.. the fatty did a good job on choosing what he did, and i admit; i enjoyed his more than mine! The Gnocchi was so good! You can definitely tell it i homemade, the gnocchi is made towards the 'bigger' and chunkier sort of style but it is soft, dense and full of flavour. That goes the same with the artichokes that was in the dish! Garlic-y and juicy! It's also served with fetta, spinach and broad beans, so you get a bit of variety there. I personally couldn't find much to fault with this dish, however the fatty did mention that there weren't too many pieces of gnocchi, but i suppose the 'size ' of the gnocchi sort of makes up for the amount that's there.

This place is quite busy around lunch time, with queues for take-away salad and people lining up to be seated (it's a dine in or takeaway place) - i should also mention this isn't a table service place, similar to The Burrow - as i've mentioned before, you order and pay then sit down and food comes out. The service is quite prompt as well so you aren't left waiting long for food. The menu is quite flexible in that it indicates beside each dish whether it is vegan, gluten free, nut free, superfood, or has a low glycemic index - something which not many cafes/restaurants will do. It definitely makes it easier for the common person without having to question every single dish! Another thing i did wish i tried today was the fresh juice or smoothies! I was regrettably eyeing someone else's .... 

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December 3, 2012

Le Bon Choix | Brisbane CBD

Almond Croissant
coconut mousse with passionfruit jelly centre and chocolate pearls
this cake is riddled with 'chocolate pearls'
Today was one of those days where i found myself with time left over i suppose - it was also a rare chance for me to just not have to do anything, or rather, not want to do anything! HC would probably refer to it as a Sloth Day. Hence, i decided a visit to Le Bon Choix, a small patisserie in the city. I've actually been here a number of times before and have tried all the cakes on the menu (except for the strawberry - because i don't like strawberry cream flavoured stuff) - but all of those time i just didn't bring my dslr for photos - yes, camera photos just don't cut it for me - high standards and expectations okay? :P I KID. Its just that the purpose of a food blog is to show nice & enticing photos for the viewer you know? well that's what i'd like to (and expect) to see anyway....

My all time favourite here would be the L'esperance - the main flavour in this cake is the passionfruit. I mean, it does say 'coconut mousse' as a centre (info from their site) but you can't taste too much of it. I guess the main stand out point for me is that it has a really light and refreshing flavour - the cake being sweet, but not so sweet that you can't finish it - its actually the kind of sweetness that makes you want to have more! For the chocolate lovers, the inside of the cake is actually also riddled with crunchy chocolate pearl balls which adds to the overall taste of the cake - the tangy passionfruit, smooth cream mousse coupled with chocolate pearl balls - it really adds that bit of crunch! All the cakes here are pretty delicious, but i find myself always coming back to this one because it's not a heavy or too sweet sort of cake.. if you want the more 'sweeter' ones, i would recommend the 'Miroula'.

 I also had the Almond Croissant today - whenever i come here i never order anything else but the cakes.. i guess because that is what it's more popular for... but i have to admit i have heard from a few people recommend the almond croissant. This croissant is surprisingly more on the sweeter side. I did finished the whole pastry but i couldn't have done it without the help of a few sips of coffee... while it's obvious the outside of the croissant is toppled with sliced almonds, it's the inside which really surprised me; the inside is actually filled with an almondy paste(?) - or a paste of some kind! it was sort of hard to tell because i guess the overall pastry was sweet... I really did enjoy it, but, i probably wouldn't have finished it without the help of coffee!

This and Choquette are probably my top two patisseries i enjoy, but in having said that i haven't really tried too many! Banneton in New Farm i've been to but it isn't really comparable, i guess firstly it's more Savoury baked good rather than cakes, they have sweet pastries there as well, but compared to Le Bon Choix and Chouquette, i found the flavours at Banneton a bit more on the 'sweeter-heavier' side where a coffee is a must if you order anything!

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