April 25, 2013

Jude Kitchen and Bar | Brisbane CBD

Came here for lunch on Monday with the fatty, as per a sort of lunch ritual when i have my mondays off!

I've never really noticed this place until the fatty suggested this for lunch on monday - i had no idea what to expect, nut before arrival i did a quick google and urban spoon search to see what this place is all about... yes, most of the time i like to know what sort of food i'm eating before i venture out :P and sometimes i like to be surprised!

When i first looked at the menu i admit i was a little taken aback with how 'basic' everything seemed on the menu; normally i would jump up and down at the sight of burgers, but monday was not a burger day! I guess everything looked so.. 'normal' as to say so i really didn't know what to order, until i was at the counter.

Thai Beef Salad was my choice. I was also asking for a side of the Fish cakes to be added but they were a separate item on the menu, and i was also informed the salads are sizeable. He wasn't wrong. It was so shocking to see this huge serving of salad and thai beef that actually has huge chunks of beef rather than measly bits of meat. This is probably one of the most satisfying salads i've ever had. The only thing i wish it had was more salad dressing. Yeh, that probably defeats the whole purpose of 'healthy alternatives' (haha), but really, i did find the salad itself was a bit too leafy without the aid of salad dressing! But this salad is still the winner despite my whiny opinion about having no dressing (haha).

When the burger (i don't exactly remember, it was either the steak sandwich or the Jude Beef Burger!)  came out, that was also a bit of a shock, the entire meal itself is pretty hefty for a burger. Not only do you have this huge ass burger there, it is actually sitting on a generous bed of salad (that you choose when you order) as well as a generous serving of chips. These 'sides' which come with the burger aren't measly pieces of salad or stringy bits of chips - the salad is actually salad and the chips are chunky chips! I tried some of the beetroot and feta salad, twas pretty amazing, loved the beetroot,and the feta was so soft and crumbly! And the Chips? Well they just tasted like chips, crispy chunks! I found the burger itself 'OK', the fatty loved the entirety of it. The meat patty was pretty hefty and the burger contained generous amount of sauce; i guess the reason why i found it 'OK' was the fact that the bun it was served on, was waaaay too hard, despite them telling us that it is toasted. It definitely did not taste like toasted bread; it was pretty solid (not stale though). Just rock hard. So that sort of ruined it for me. Hoping that our 'un-toasted' bun is just a one off because we're keen to come back and try the others (well the fatty is anyway!)

In having said all of that, the food here is good - don't let the simplicity of the menu deter you - By looking at all the different food items come out, the seem pretty generous in serving size and looked just as appetising! It's definitely one of those places that focus on serving simple dishes but with 110% effort in preparation and taste!

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April 23, 2013

Happy Little Dumplings | New Farm

Ok - Not the most aesthetically pleasing photo i've ever taken, but there wasn't much i could really do (or bother to do) when it was just dished out like this!

Happy Little Dumplings - another place i've walked past several times and have heard several mentions but yet to try, one being, seeing asian cooking prepared and cooked by Caucasians make me a bit nervous and more cautious (I mean this in the most positive way possible - with no racism intended). For example, it's like having a chinese person preparing/cooking italian cuisine - you would doubt the authenticity of it no? i mean i would! It's just like how this is to me! 

So in having said all of that, the dumplings here aren't too bad at all. And by that i mean, while the filling was pretty juicy and flavoursome, it was hard to distinguish what type of filling we were eating, the only one that really stood out in terms of flavour was the duck, other than that they all tasted relatively the same after a few bites. The har gao (clear dumpling) was probably what stood out to me the most, the filling was generous with prawns and the skin wasn't too thick or pastry like - which is a win. Compared to some yumcha places where it's just mush inside (haha ew). I found, while they are relatively nice, there isn't exactly anything mind blowing-ly amazing about them either that would draw me back. I can see this as being a 'healthier' alternative for lunch goers as these all seem to be hand made.

Still worth a try, for all you dumpling fanatics out there. Other note-worthy similar would be Ann Gyoza Bar in the Valley & New Shanghai in the City.

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April 22, 2013

The Bun Mobile | Travelling Food Truck

The Wagyu Bun - those mushrooms were pretty ace.
The Chicken Bun- probably my favourite!
Special for the Night: The braised pork belly bun

The Bun Mobile - the forever revered food van around Brisbane it seems. Finally had the chance to try this when it was on James Street for the Up-Late Event last week. Seeing that if you want to try the buns, you have to either track this van down or be within vicinity to stumble upon it. Since my desire to try this bun wasn't that extreme i just took the opportunity when it was on James street (for the uplate event) to try all three of the buns... no, not just for myself if that's what you're thinking (although yes, i could probably polish all of this off if i could... then i would probably have to rename this the gluttony club or something or rather lol). Anyway the fatty and i chose the wagyu and chicken and the special which was the braised pork belly.

The very first thing i noticed when i tried this, was how soft the bun is. I kid you not. The bun is so delicately soft, as you can see from the pork bun photo, when i tried to open the bun to take a closer shot it just fell apart in my hand (haha). So aside from the bun being ridiculously soft, what it reminds me of is the chinese bbq pork buns. For those those who don't know what i'm talking about, just google it because i can't be stuffed uploading a photo :P . The taste of the bun is very very similar and truthfully the bun mobile buns taste even better the chinese styled bbq pork bun. I mean this preference is definitely attributed by how soft it is. Also, all of the different combination fillings are very asian inspired, hence the bun being so like the chinese bbq pork buns and the use of hoisin sauce, japanese mayo etc in the fillings.

So onto the different fillings. Out of all the fillings i admit the chicken was my favourite out of all 3. The wagyu while it was still flavoursome with the various sauce and filling (especially the shitake mushrooms - they tasted fantastic); it was a little bit too tough for my liking... so you can imagine, it was a little bit of a nightmare trying to eat it, especially with the soft buns.  The braised pork belly was waaaay too fatty even for my liking, perhaps it would of been better to try the original pork (?). Again while flavoursome, i just couldn't fully enjoy it all with too many chunks of fat. The fat in the pork belly just seemed a bit too excessive somehow...  That leads to the Chicken Bun - it was perfectly cooked - very tender, and not tough at all. Loved the inclusion of the japanese mayo! Everything just tastes better with japanese mayo! Not to mention in combination with the char grilled chicken and soft bun, it was pretty ace.

I'm glad i tried this once, i enjoyed it, however it's just that i wouldn't go out of my way to chase this down to have it again you know? (It's more so that i'm just a little iffy with fusion type foods!)

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April 20, 2013

The Tea Centre | Brisbane CBD

(photos from le iphone)

The Tea Centre in the city is amongst one of my favourite places to go if i'm by myself and usually more so than not, i'll have my kindle or an actual book with me as well to read.

What i really like here is the wide selection of tea and the casualness of this place. There are not many cafes as to say that allow for a long stay before a bill is pushed under your nose; here, my stay can last for a few hours and i won't be bothered with a bill or being constantly pestered if there is anything else i want. As the name suggest, the specialty here is the fact that there is a very wide selection of teas to offer, but also, they do have a food menu as well; sandwiches, rolls etc, and probably something a bit more appropriate to go with tea, a variation of cakes and scones. Personally i always just opt for the scones with my tea.

Definitely worth a visit if you are a tea fanatic, or, if you are in the city and want somewhere to relax with tea/cake without being rushed to leave.

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April 15, 2013

Brother Espresso | Brisbane CBD

I think this place is worth a mention. Good things do come in small packages; This place is small and serves only coffee; but their coffee beans are devine for an everyday coffee.

Tucked away in the city is this little gem - definitely a place for the coffee goers out there (especially those who work on the outskirts of the CBD and not wanting to go too far for decent coffee). I have to admit while my knowledge of coffee is limited, Brother Espresso is one of the top preferences when it comes to 'just coffee' kind of a day. There are 2 Brother Espresso places in the city, one on margaret street (the larger one - which to my knowledge serves food) and this small one here on wickham. Anyway the point is, the coffee beans here are pretty ace.

I also have a confession - i'm a sucker for coffee cup stamps - it just makes the cup so much more visually appealing and feels so much more personalised. Fact - i love personalised anything! It just adds a bit of character.

Brother Espresso - Watson's Building CBD on Urbanspoon

anyway the urban spoon is linked to the margaret street store because i couldn't find the wickham street one. 

April 9, 2013

Pablo | New Farm

This update is late, but here's to hoping that everyone had a good easter weekend. Yep, my friend and i had breakfast here over the easter weekend (that's how delayed this post is).

Anyway, it's actually been a long while since i've been back here, and fortunately not much has changed since my last visit. The variation in the menu has slightly changed, but i'm definitely glad to see that serving size and style of food hasn't changed - it's one of the many reasons why i enjoy the food here; they don't have the 'stock-standard' sort of breakfasts (as mentioned in my previous blog sometime last year) I only have one photo to show because we both ordered the same meal, the Confit of portabella mushroos baked with a feta and chorizo crumble - with dill scrambled eggs, smoked tomato compote and rye and onion toast. So if you can't tell - that 'thing' on the egg is a giant mushroom. Visually i guess it doesn't look that aesthetically pleasing (haha) but this is a pretty hearty mushroom - initially i found it a bit bland, but as i made my way through the egg and feta/chorizo crumble, i found the texture and juicy-ness complimented the rest of it!

I'm glad that since my last visit, the food is just as good as i remembered it! It's the consistency, something i like when i dine anywhere i really! But with Pablo, it's definitely the style of the food, the variation of the non-stock-standard menu and the portions is what i really enjoy coming back for! 

Pablo on Urbanspoon
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